Android App forgets settings after Logout

Hi, i have one question, something i have not noticed before: The Android App forgets all settings after complete Logout (for example Vault Timeout gets reset to “15 Minutes” and Empty Clipboard to “Never”, is this the normal, intended behavior?

Hi @Tomster - I just tried logging out on my phone, and I get the same behaviour as you. All my device settings are lost and all the defaults are loaded instead. That’s frustrating.

I don’t remember it being like this in the past, although to be fair, I almost never log out of Bitwarden on my phone, so I may have simply never noticed.

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I believe this is currently the intended behavior, though there is a feature request open so you can feel free to throw a vote that way.

Hopefully something that can be added soon, please see

As far as i remember this behaviour is same in case of browser extensions as well.
As kent pointed out it would be an intended behaviour as a privacy safeguard.
I also expect that the local cached database too would get wiped off on logout.

Ok, i understand, thank you all for the insights!