Disable website icons by default

Please, disable website icons by default at client/extension, or sync this setting with account on server.

I have a self-hosted bitwarden instance.
Every time i login in a new browser extension or app on new device - “core” started to download website icons, so i don’t want this behavior and firewall at my server(mac pro) is blocking these requests. I have a lot of entries and too much requests!
So i need to:

  1. block all docker outgoing requests
  2. stop bitwarden instance
  3. set “disable website icons” at client
  4. start core again

Today i was doing this 5 times after setup! This is very annoying.


You seem to be the only one having a problem with this. I do not really understand why you want to disable it by default. Just disable it after installing a client. There are more people that want it enabled rather than disabled by default.

I don’t want 5000+ requests to sites on every login at new app/extension instance. I’m sure it should be disabled by default. I cannot disable this setting before login and sync.

I don’t agree it should be disabled by default but maybe we could have a setting on server side for self-hosted BW instances to disable it by default or to prevent it totally ?