Vault Timeout "On System Lock" no longer working as expected on MS Edge

When Vault Timeout is set to “On System Lock”, in the past, this meant that the vault would lock if either you locked the system or you closed the browser. I don’t want it to lock if I close the browser, so I installed the extension “Lightning Reopen” which keeps the browser running, even if all tabs are closed. This worked great.

A few months ago, however, I found that even with Lightning Reopen keeping the browser running in the background, Bitwarden is getting locked after some period of time, without locking the system. If I close all the tabs in the browser and then open Edge, Bitwarden is still unlocked. But if I close all the tabs and leave it closed for some period of time (haven’t determined how long) then Bitwarden is locking even with the browser open in the background.

This is quite annoying. I don’t want to keep Bitwarden always unlocked since this is a security issue. I want it to only lock when I specifically lock the system. Something changed in the past few months that seems to make this impossible. I don’t know if the change was in Bitwarden, Edge or Lightning Reopen. I’ve also tried another plugin called “Fast Reopen” and get the same results.

Any ideas how to get Bitwarden to only lock when locking the system and now when the browser is closed?