Chrome browser extension always locking vault

The Chrome browser extension is always locking my Bitwarden vault after closing the browser window, regardless of the option selected in the extension Vault Timeout setting. The only Vault Timeout setting that leaves it unlocked is “Never” and I don’t want to use that. I would like to use “On System Lock”. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Hi @Avejoe8 - welcome!

What you are seeing is expected behaviour to protect your encryption key - once you close your browser, your key that was protected in main memory by your browser is purged.

Here is a blurb from the Bitwarden online help:

Web and Browser Extension Timeouts

(User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help & Support)

Due to the web vault and browser extension depending on your web browser, there are unique “timeout” scenarios to consider:

  1. If you refresh your browser (CMD/CTRL + R), your web vault will lock. Refreshing will not affect a browser extension.
  2. If you close your browser tab, you will be logged out of your web vault. Closing a single tab will not affect a browser extension.
  3. If you quit your browser, you will be logged out of both your web vault and browser extension.

If you’re using a browser extension, you can bypass this by enabling the Unlock with PIN option and unchecking the Lock with master password on browser restart checkbox.

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