Vault timeout not working in v.2022.6.1 for Chrome v. 103.0.5060.114

I am using bitwarden chrome extension v.2022.6.1 and Chrome version 103.0.5060.114. No setting works for the vault timeout settings, it always locks after the browser is closed. Does anyone know a fix?

Hello @Insanity8016 - welcome to the community forums.

The behaviour you describe is expected and is mentioned in the Bitwarden help pages here:

Blockquote If you quit your browser, you will be logged out of both your web vault and browser extension.

This is done for security reasons so that sensitive information is not saved to the hard disk between browser sessions. You can override this behaviour, although it is not recommended, by setting your vault timeout to “Never”.

I believe what most people find convenient is to secure your locked vault with a PIN or biometrics so that you don’t have to re-type your master password every time the vault is locked.