Vault Time Out using Browser Close has stopped working

About a day or so ago, my Bitwarden Edge Extension stopped working with the setting Browser Close. It also appears to have stopped working with On System Lock. Edge was recently updated to Version 123.0.2420.81 (Official build) (64-bit) and running on Windows 10 22H2. I uninstalled and reinstalled the extension with no change. I then went to another computer and installed the extension on Edge and it also has the same issue. I tested with Chrome and it does not seem to have this problem and it works as expected. I have reverted to using a timeout lock which is working. This appears to be a bug. FYI, it could be related to Copilot and when I run task manager, there are quite a few Edge instances running in the background even with the browser closed so possibly one of the background edge instances is interfering?? I do believe it is from the recent update to Edge.

HI Scott, and welcome to the community!

This would be a prime candidate to be reported to Issues · bitwarden/clients · GitHub which Bitwarden responds to more actively.

Thank you. I have created a bug entry using the link provided. Here is the link to the actual bug report in the event others have discovered this issue and want to add information: On Browser Restart and System Lock options no longer working in Edge extension · Issue #8744 · bitwarden/clients (

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