Bitwarden Vault Timeout feature using “On Browser Restart” with Action “Lock” is not working with Microsoft Edge Version 118.0.2088.69

I use the Bitwarden Vault Timeout feature set to “On Browser Restart” with Action “Lock” on two browsers. The feature works as it should on one browser but does not work on my Microsoft Edge browser. On Microsoft Edge, Bitwarden stays active, on, and ready to use after I close my Edge browser and restart it later. I have both my Edge “Startup boost” and “Continue running background extensions” settings turned off. Apparently, something in Edge is triggering Bitwarden to think the browser is still open even after I close Edge.

I got around this issue by setting my Bitwarden Vault Timeout to “30 minutes” (timeout could be set to any other hour/minute setting). Now, Bitwarden locks properly after I stop using Bitwarden for at least 30 minutes.

Update 10/28/23: The Microsoft Answers Community Forum stated that Microsoft Edge now has a bug in it after releasing the Copilot feature and that bug is keeping Microsoft Edge processes, and its apps and extensions active in the background when the “Continue running background extensions and apps when Microsoft Edge is closed” feature is turned off and Microsoft Edge is closed. We need to wait for Microsoft to come up with a solution in a future Microsoft Edge update.

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