Vault Timeout = Never is missing?!

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I lost the option to set my Vault timeout to Never. I have this installed on my personal PC and cell. It’s a real pain to have to constantly enter my password on the web vault or pin in app or extension every time the vault times out. PLEASE tell me that this isn’t permanent that it’s just a glitch, if not I need to find a new vault like yesterday…

Is this happening on the mobile app specifically? If so, we have a fix coming!

No it shows in my Android app and edge extension. They just don’t work. It’s completely missing from the web vault. I’m not infront of my laptop so I don’t remember about the Windows 10 desktop app if the option is there or not. But the mobile is the one I use the most and the Edge extension 100 x’s a day between the 2.

Thanks for clarifying!

The web vault doesn’t support ‘never’ since it is based on the javascript in the browser tab. However, the mobile and web vault timeouts for ‘never’ should be addressed soon!

In the meantime, you could set the timeout to ‘custom’ and set the number of hours/minutes to something that fits your immediate need (i.e. 24 hours)

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Got it thank you. I appreciate the fast reply.
Thanks again.


Do you happen to have an update on the mobile and web vault timeouts for ‘never’ ? My Android app is driving me crazy. Every time I go to use it, I’m logged out. It’s getting very frustrating especially when I can’t copy and paste the password I have to type it in every time.


@S1lv3rBull3t the fix has been done in the code, but will require an app update to be available.

Here’s the fix on Github:fix for bug stopping vault timeout to never by jlf0dev · Pull Request #1618 · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

If you’d like it before the general release, I believe it may be available in the Beta track of the Bitwarden app on Google Play - or at least will be shortly.

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“never” is a feature that has never worked. never have i selected it and not have to log in when i startup my pc/laptop/ph etc. also never has the autofill feature worked. all these things apply to both desktop and ext

Awesome. Thanks. I did sign up for the beta version. So far, the “never” is working! YAY! Thank you!! It is also working in the Microsoft Edge Beta extension FYI. :grin:

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What browser are you using? I use the Microsoft Edge Beta browser and it has always worked for me. My OS is Windows 10 Pro version 21H1