Really timeout never

  1. Launch BW Android app.
  2. Set vault timeout to never.
  3. Close BW Android app.
  4. Launch BW Android app again.
  5. Notice that it is asking for the master password again.
  6. Consult Vault Keeps Getting Locked+ and linked documentation and determine that this case is not covered. Similar behavior is only noted for browsers.

Therefore the current behavior should be renamed “until app closed”, and a new additional choice should be added: “(really) never.”

The existing “Never” option actually is supposed to work the way you want it to, but a bug was introduced in version 2023.9.1 of the mobile app. A fix has been developed, and is slated for release in version 2023.10.0.

I am closing this topic, since it is an existing (albeit temporarily malfunctioning) feature.

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