Vault Keeps Getting Locked+

I just started using bitwarden. I have noticed that the vault keeps getting locked after a very short time (10-15 minutes or less). I know people have complained about this - that the vault timeout seetting doesn’t work, etc. Is there a solution? Thanks.

Can you share what you have Vault Timeout set to? and how long before it locks? and which client you are using?

Hi @ldamario and welcome to the forum!

If you are referring to the Web Vault, you can adjust the time out in Account Settings and Preferences:

Are you saying that is not working?

Vault timeout is set to 1 hour 30 minutes. It usually locks within about 15 minutes. I don’t know what you mean by which client.

Yes, it is not working.

There are timeout limitation that you may be experiencing:

None of the extension timeout scenarios are occurring, as far as I know.

Client will be usually be either a Mac/Windows/Linux Desktop aplication, a Chrome/Firefox/etc extension, the web vault ( + maybe something else

I think @RogerDodger is volunteering to set his timeout to 1hour 30minutes and check what happens :grinning:

I am using a MacBook Pro running OS 11.7.4. I am using the Safari extension. The Safari extension keeps locking. The same thing happens with Firefox extension.

@ldamario - I just set my Bitwarden Extension (Version 2023.2.1) Vault timeout to 4 hours. I waited 30 minutes and my Bitwarden Extension was still unlocked.

My OS is Linux Mint, but I doubt that matters.

Since you set your Vault timeout to 1.5 hours, I’m assuming that you have a Custom timeout set? If so, what happens if you set the Vault timeout the pre-defined setting of 4 hours?

@DoctorB - Thanks for volunteering me! I’ll remember to return the favor. :grinning:

I also tried to reproduce this. I set my timeout to 1 hour on MacBoor Air M1 using MacOS 13.2.1 and BitWarden 2023.2.0
The Safari extension locked after 1 hour (within a few minutes) so i don’t think there is a problem inherent in the BitWarden software.

I’m trying that now.