Using Bitwarden on iPad Pro with Apple Magic Keyboard

I’m trying to get Bitwarden to work on my iPad Pro along with the Magic Keyboard.

When using just the ipad and no keyboard tapping on a login field will pop up the onscreen keyboard with a Bitwarden button at the top. After attaching the Magic Keyboard the onscreen keyboard is disabled. I tried setting up the App extension but it doesn’t seem to work.

When trying to use the extension I tap on a login field, then tap the Hamburger icon > Send To > Bitwarden. Bitwarden launches, passes the biometric test, but then Bitwarden says there is no matching password.

Removing the keyboard and trying the login using the button located on the onscreen keyboard and everything works perfect.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong here. Is bitwarden not able to function properly when using a Bluetooth keyboard?


Hey there, the following should work:

Settings > General > Keyboards > under all keyboards enable the switch for “shortcuts”.

You should get the prompt while using a hardware keyboard.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve been using Bitwarden for a while now. But just recently I am having the exact same issue as described by the original poster above. Ipad Pro 12.9 with IOS 16.1.

Hey @CrownSeven, can you confirm if you tried the suggestion above?

I have tried the steps above yes. No change. This only is a problem when the keyboard is attached.

Hi Sorry for the late reply. Continuing world current events have forced me to be nomadic for the next little while and other things have been more pressing. Wanted to get back to you and let you know that your suggestion did indeed work. Now when, with the keyboard attached, when i tap on a username or password field a small button pops up at the bottom of the screen directing me to Bitwarden.

Thanks for your help!

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