Username or password is incorrect. Try again

i can not login to my account using bw command line (os = centos 8)
with gui i can login without problem (pc and iphone)
i am using following command:
bw login [email protected] my-passwordxxx
i recieve following error:
Username or password is incorrect. Try again.
please help
thanks and greeting

What happens if you try it each of these two ways?

bw login email "password"

bw login email

Thanks for your response.
I habe tried both wirhout success
Same error: username or password is incorrect.
I also tried it from ubuntu without success
I think it should be a problem with the bw cli
My password has a dollar sein at the end may be is this a problem . Have to try wirhout special sein
Will update…
Any further suggestions are welcome and i thank in advance therfor

I would check your process. The BW CLI is solid, so that’s not going to be the problem. Please report back if you resolve your issue. Cheers!

I am getting a similar problem:

Using the CLI 1.17.0, I can successfully log in with bw login email, I then choose Yubikey as my 2FA option, and all is well. I am given a BW_Session token, which I set as an environment variable (in Windows). My next step is to run a bw export command, which again prompts for my password - this is usual behaviour. However, at this point I get a Master Password Error message.

I have been taking monthly exports for the past couple of years using this technique, and it has always worked.

Thanks for the Info. I had a Password ending with a $ maybe that was the problem maybe also not. I have changed the Password by removing the $ and it works but i tried it this on windows i encoutered the error first in linux (centos and ubuntu) i will try it on linux without the $ in Password and if it works on linux then will mean the cli dosen‘ allow $ in Password. Will update again tomorrow

$ is a special char on the cli. You need to escape it. Like having An @ in your email [email protected] would not be a valid email. Same diff.

Update: 1.17.0 is the most recent version of the Bitwrden client in Chocolatey package manager for windows. has a newer version as a Native Executable, 1.17.1, which works fine.

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I have tried today in Linux Ubuntu without $ sein it didn‘t work got same error! It works in windows but not in linux. Strange