Bitwarden Cli and web extension: Username or password is incorrect. Try again

Hello, I’m new to the forum so don’t hesitate if I’m not clear enough.
I’m using bitwarden since a while and I’ve never encountered such a problem. I can’t login in the Bitwarden Cli Windows app and in the web-extension (no matter which web browser I’m using). Everytime I’m trying to log in I get the error:

An error has occured
Username or password incorrect. Try again.

But I am able to connect on the web vault app and on the android app.
I’ve checked 10000 times that my password and email are correct. (copied/pasted on text editor)

I also took a look at theses two previous similar questions:

I’ve also changed my master password removing any suspiscious character such as & " ’ or even !
Nothing changed.

I also went through this “How-to” but without success:

Waiting for your help, If you have some ideas I’m here

Probably you use Self-Hosted and outdated Bitwarden and your Bitwarden got depricated;
See This:

I agree with @kourosh - this is the most likely cause.

The other one is that you aren’t running Bitwarden server at all. Are you running a third-party software solution instead? If you aren’t running the latest Bitwarden server, but something else (lots of imposters exist out there!), the newest clients may not work. Bitwarden does not support other server software out there. (And watch out for look-alikes - there are lots of them out there, such as as vaultwarden or bitwarden_rs! Why someone would develop software to store your secrets but market it as “Bitwarden” and make it look exactly like the Bitwarden interface just sends of all kinds of red flags to me!!!)

Thank you both of you for your answers. It is now solved as I was using bitwarden_rs on docker. I switched to the official docker image.

I have a similar problem, i use the windows desktop app on the company computer and login in with the company account no problem.
Within this account i want to add my personnel account and then the error appears " user name and or password is incorrect"
I removed the app from my mobile phone so i,m not logged in somewhere else and still the problem is there