Username Generator "stuck"?

I’ve been successfully using the username generator with a couple of different providers (via Bitwarden desktop app).

Recently it keeps generating the same user name over and over. Anyone have any insight?

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  1. Generated new API key and it worked as expected in the web Bitwarden client
  2. Over wrote the “old” API key in the Bitwarden desktop client --it sill keeps generating the same user name over and over.

Is there some notion of an “API cache” in the desktop app?

Ok well I figured it out. The issue was with Simplelogin. You have all these different settings on how to generate random email addresses, including one option to “use the website” in the email address. I basically had to fiddle with all of that stuff within Simplelogin until the generator began working as it did before.

Why Simplelogin and/or Bitwarden desktop (specifically) got fixated on only generating the same email over and over is beyond me. (Again, the web version and the plug in version of the generator(s) worked fine.)

It’s like all the randomizing-criteria got wiped & I had to re-set all of that up. Weird that the generator can even get into that state where it only creates the same email over and over. Seems at the very least it should append some random digits or something.

Anyway, if someone else has this issue just go into Simplelogin settings and start playing with all the different generator parameters until the system is tickled enough to work again as expected.