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Many services require a combination of email address and password to log in. In that case the email address acts as user name. However email addresses are prone to spam and abuse. If each service has it’s own mail address, the cause could be identified more easily and one could drop a mail address which attracted spam. Users which have their own domain name could easily implement that and maybe later it would be possible to provide other users with a free service for that as well (e.g. each user can create a mail domain like @michael.bitwardenmail.org).

  • The user can generate user names using a recipe
  • Parts of that mail address can be generated from a dictionary. E.g. generating a mail address like [email protected] should be possible
  • Some sites require a user name and a mail address. Bitwarden logins may need an additional field for that.

@gmail.com allows anything after a + mark.


[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

All four of these will send mail to [email protected]

I use it to differentiate services so if I get spam, I know who sold my email.


Can’t a spammer simply remove everything between ‘+’ and ‘@’, and ‘+’ itself?

@dabura667 The generator I propose can also be used to generate such mail addresses.

@vmn If you have an address which you never use without a + suffix, you can filter out mails not containing a + suffix.

While this isn’t on the roadmap yet, you could do it manually with online tools such as fakenamegenerator.com, fakemailgenerator.com or temp-mail.org

Those are the best I know of.

WOW! I never knew this. Learn something new all the time. Thank you!

Nice trick. That’s something I didn’t know of yet.

It would be nice to have it implemented as a built-in feature, your competitors already have, like https://www.lastpass.com/username-generator


I would certainly like to +1 this. Great idea just like LP has.

I would like this added too. I also use https://www.lastpass.com/username-generator. I wish Bitwarden had this.

I know most people use the same username for all or most accounts created online. It would be more secure to have a different username for every account just like we have different passwords. I think this would make it way harder on hackers if they ever get their hands on an account. I’m guilty of having every single account I own with the same username. I know this might be disliked by some but from a privacy and security standpoint it would benefit us users.

This is a temporary solution.
Use the passphrase generator in the app or extension.


What do you think of just using the password generator for the username as well? What would be the benefit of a separate username generator? There are only so many short and readable usernames to pick from. So you would end up with something like the passphrase generator anyway.

Yes I’m with you! I’m actually just asking for integration directly into Bitwarden password not trying to ask for something detached.

The only issue I see is that MANY major websites (utilities, ISPs, etc…) require either an email address or phone number as “username”. Of course you could enter a bogus email address as your username but it would have to employ a format recognized as an email.

e.g. - [email protected] and then vary it accordingly that way. A thought!

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I agree with everything you’re saying. For email stuff like that I use something called burner email. It creates random disposable emails that will forward everything to the email of your choice. The only reason I brought this up is because I looked at the feature on NordPass and it seemed interesting but I don’t know about the implementation.

Many email services support adding a - or + to the address, and then whatever words you want can follow it. e.g. [email protected] would get sent to [email protected]. The advantage of this, is that if that account gets compromised, and the email address gets on to a list for spammers, presumably most of them aren’t going to process out the extension right now, so after learning about the compromise or getting spam mail sent to that address extension, it could be blocked.
Aside from something to generate email extensions, even having a memory to suggest your default username or email address when creating accounts would be cool.
In the case of random usernames, if someone wanted that functionality, I think it would be preferable to draw on lists of sensible words, or allow the user to specify a base username or wordlist, from which something would be randomly generated.


Also if your password generator is set to use just alphanumeric items (or whatever bounds your username may require), you can use CTRL/CMD + Shift + 9 to copy a generated string to your clipboard, and just paste it into the username field :metal:

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@vachan lol i already do that. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

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Feature name

Feature function

Allows you to know who resells / classifies emails

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