Username Generator Feedback

The community requested Username Generator has been released for the web vault, with more platforms to follow. Please use this thread to share your feedback.

To read more, check out the Generate a Username article in the Help Center.

Please note: The option to provide website context will be available in the other clients (to be released soon) and established based on the item you are trying to add/edit. For example: and

  1. Very nice and thanks for adding it.
  2. Is there going to be a button to get to this new feature from the “Add Item” UI like there is for passwords? I can’t see myself using it otherwise.
  3. I’ve left feedback about this before, but I wish that the “capitalize” option didn’t just capitalize the first letter. I don’t like anything about my random data to be predictable.

Hey @ColorCube, Yes, the Username Generator will be launching on other platforms soon, which includes the ability to use the Username Generator from the vault item screen.

Very nice addition! I’d like to have an option to have more than one random words in the third type.

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Thanks for adding this! I’ll be using this feature quite often!

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I love this feature, especially the catch-all function of the generator. Would it be possible to make it an option to choose just the domain name without the “www.” or “.com” in there? Like, “[email protected]” instead of “[email protected]”?


This is sooooo good. I’ve been using the catch-all email function for pretty much all my sign-ups for a long time, but it’s so much more convenient to have that in Bitwarden directly.

I think one possible enhancement would be to allow to give the option to not include subdomains. When I created these manually I wouldn’t choose [email protected], but rather [email protected] – so that option would be handy to have in the generator as well.

But honestly, so great to see all the enhancements lately, from multi-account allowing to use Bitwarden for work and personal use at the same time to this one that is just a really great useful addition.

I like it, although I’d like to have the option of randomly generated gibberish just like with passwords. Sometimes it’s better in cases where don’t want random words or have a character limit.


Thanks for the username generator, it’s great.

One more feature request – for catch-all addresses, I’d like to use a real word or two as the username, so instead of [email protected], it would be something like [email protected]. This way, it is possible to quickly tell someone the e-mail in case I’m in a support call, and it also looks like a “legitimate” e-mail address.

This is already kinda supported as the third generator option (Random Word), but that doesn’t append the domain automatically.

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Thanks for this feature!

One addition I would love is if the username could be generated from the root domain instead of the whole domain. As an example, let’s say I am on google dot com, and I create a username, it will be [email protected] (instead of [email protected]).

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This is fantastic. I’m thinking of opening a pull request to integrate Paced Email for my users. I’ve got a proof of concept working and it shouldn’t take too much longer to get the required parts in place…

Exciting work Bitwarden team! Cheers!

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I also run Vend Email, but I’ll leave that one for now. It’s very similar to Firefox Relay, except you can opt to transfer or sell your emails to other people if you so desire.

Thanks for the feedback @rikkipitt, can you create a post in the Github Contributions category for your proposed contribution?

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I’m trying to use the feature, and it seems it’s not available yet on the firefox browser extension (last update was over 1 month ago). When will the firefox extension be updated?

I went to the vault web app, and it seems really inconvenient to have to enter the API key every time you need to generate an e-mail with anonAddy : I generated my first mail with my custom domain. The second generation, I forgot to select my custom domain and it generated an e-mail. It would be awesome to save those two settings in the vault to avoid a few clicks each time you need an e-mail.

EDIT: I’d also like the generated alias in anonaddy to have a specific name (like the site I’m on…) instead of Generated by Bitwarden

Thanks, @dwbit! I’ve started the conversation here: Username generator integration with Paced Email


I have been using spamgourmet for ~20 years and the username generator almost works with it.

Catchall almost works for sites like or or other various [random][email protected] email services. If it was changed to not put the @ at the end of the random blob it would make the catchall more of a catchall

The real wish for me is template replacing ! with chars, $ with words, and # with numbers.
A template email of [$####!!] would expand to something like [email protected]

Thanks for the feature. I just used it for the first time selecting the Random Word option. Unfortunately the vault entry got created with my email address as the username and the randomly generated username is lost – the web site has no “I forgot my username” function, and bitwarden did not save the random word anywhere either so the username is lost.

When something like this happens with passwords, the generator’s Password History saves the day. Should bitwarden include generated random word items in the password history? Or perhaps have a separate history for random word usernames (or all generated usernames)?


This is a great feature, but I would like to suggest one improvement:
When using “Plus Addressed Email”, it would be very useful to be able to specify the separator character to use. Some sites block the use of the “+” character and I therefore use a different character for sub-addressing on my mailserver(s).