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Came here to post a feature request in line with @florianmifsud 's idea, glad to see I’m not alone :slight_smile:

The email/username generator should allow to setup a pattern, e.g. baseusername+%D%%R%@example.com, where %D% - some human-readable permutation on the website domain (e.g. community.bitwarden.com -> bitwarden.community) we are creating an email for, and %R% - a short random part to distinguish instances

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Many companies want to send an email to this address “for security reasons”. Unless Bitwarden can receive and forward these I’m not sure how useful this would be.

Anyway, things like https://anonaddy.com/ can do this so is there an advantage putting this in Bitwarden?

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Good idea. The username could follow a pre-defined template eg [websiteName]@[yourdomain].com so you’d be able to use it with an email forwarder like www.simplelogin.io where each website has a unique username/email that gets forwarded to your main email


You can search on DuckDuckGo and find lots of username or pen name generators.
Like these:
namegenerator.biz - Use it to generate random email usernames, elf names.
behindthename.com - Use it to generate random name from different races.

For email aliases:
simplelogin.io - free acounts is limited to 15 aliases only. Unlimted bandwidth for free account.
anonaddy.com - Only 10MB bandwidth for free account but unlimited aliases.


I second this, like LastPass has a username generator: Username Generator | LastPass

I’d rather use Bitwarden for this and see it incorporated into the Bitwarden tool for easy use.

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LastPass’s username generator seems to be a modified version of the password generator that supports only letters. None of the usernames that I generated were readable, even at 6 characters.

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I also think the username generator should be accessible easily using the apps on iPhone and iPad, so for example by long pressing the app button so that the app could immediately generate a random username or password and store it. And ideally it could also save preferences or presets for the structure of user name formats- Simple would be a pre-defined length say six letters with the first one capitalized or not, and more complex would be to take actual words or syllables from a dictionary. Thanks!

Username generator

  • A pronounceable username generator

Feature function

  • Add a way to generate usernames like with passwords, except that these usernames should be pronounceable. An example could be the way docker auto-generates tags for containers if no tag is specified: “{random_adjective}-{random_noun}”.
  • It streamlines the process of staying (pseudo)anonymous online by providing an easy way to generate new usernames.

Related topics + references

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I really like this idea. I have been recently looking into Username Generators. I saw NordPass having one, it’s free. I think something like this in Bitwarden would be helpful. Having it all done within one app, that being Bitwarden, would be great to have. Instead of going around to different sites and all of that.

For those of us who use a separate mail address for each service/app it would be great if Bitwarden not only generated and suggested a password but also generated and suggested a login/email.

For example, might use
[email protected] for Facebook
[email protected] for Reddit

I’d love if I could configure Bitwarden to generate logins given my suffix @mydomain.com.

Neat idea.

I just use the domain name myself. I signed up for BW as [email protected], for example. This makes it really easy to see who was hacked or sold my email when spam comes in.

For people with Gmail accounts, they can sign up to sites with [email protected] for the same effect.

This is a feature other password managers don’t have yet, and given how mature the market is, that’s pretty rare!

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I used to do that. But after my insurance company thought that I worked for them, and gave me employee discounts, because they though my email was from their domain as I was using something like:
[email protected]
I had to try to explain that I did not work for them, which was complicated.

I want to avoid anyone thinking something like that, or worse, thinking that I want to scam them. That’s why I prefer using random string.

I joined just now to request more or less this feature but for the Gmail option in my case. It would be good to be able to select a randomised username from a predetermined template which the user could define.

In the case of a user with their own domain they could specify %@mydomain.com
In the case of a user with a gmail account they could specify myemail+%@gmail.com

% being randomised with characters based on user preference.

I have found that many sites don’t allow the “+” on the email, and say email is invalid

You can also insert dots (.) in the address. So if you’re [email protected] you could use [email protected] for all your spam accounts. Not as useful as [email protected] but it would let you filter appropriately.

I use the service Anonaddy for my accounts. It functions the same way having a custom domain works, but it’s free (with a paid option) and easy for non-technical people. I just wrote a blog post about it for those interested: https://codegito.xyz/2022/04/03/anonaddy-email-times-infinity/

Maybe a username generator should have an optional prefix and suffix? I’m not sure what the best way to make an intuitive UI for this, but that way people could generate usernames like:

example+randomness@gmail. com
[email protected]. com

I was just writing my thoughts but then saw that Drabgail beat me to it. I’m still not sure the best way to make this intuitive for a non-technical user. Having a % would seem unintuitive for, for example, a grandma, and I’m having trouble figuring out how 2 different fields (one for the prefix and one for the suffix) could be very aesthetically pleasing.

+ addressing is supported by Gmail, Office365, Protonmail, and I’m sure other companies, but it isn’t always supported by entry fields (like yurividal pointed out)

Hey Everyone! We’ve just released the Username Generator for the web vault, with more platforms to follow.

Please share your feedback in this this thread :thread:


Username Generator

Mobile App

It would be great option to have a username generator in mobile app for sign ups at different applications and sites.

Closing this one as completed.