Upgrade from Premium to Family using my vault

Hey Newbie here.
I am an ex-Lastpass user. I switched over to BW and created a vault as a Premium member. Now I think I want to start a family Organization with my wife and kids for password sharing etc. And so I can keep an eye on things.
My question is, can I just create a new Family from my existing Premium account or will I have to start completely over?
Will it just readjust my billing for me?

Hello @Onlooker7912 and welcome to the community,

Much of what you are looking for should be covered in Upgrade from Individual to Organization | Bitwarden Help Center

You should be fine to keep your current account, without having to start over. All you will need to do is create an Organization, which is how Bitwarden does sharing with those family members you invite to the shared Org vault.

I would also mention, with a family premium plan all the members of that subscription will automatically get premium benefits as well applied to their individual vault as well.
If you have any questions feel free to chime back in, or if you need further support or billing questions reach out to contact the Bitwarden team.

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