How to upgrade to family account from free account?

I have been using a free account for some time. Now I want to upgrade to a family account so that I can create shared collections with family users.

From My Account page, I don’t see a way to upgrade to a family account. The option is only to upgrade to a premium account.

How do I upgrade my free account to a family account?

You’ll want to create an organization within your free account. From there you can pick family, teams, etc.

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Are organizations the only way to share data with other users?

Yep, that’s how we group users. Items can be in an individual vault, or a shared org vault. You can also create different collections of items and assign them to users.


Here is an article on Article on What are Organizations. You’ll need to use your Web Vault to set up your organization.


A family in Bitwarden is just a type of organisation. Works exactly the same way as setting up a workplace organisation.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. For a new user, it’s not clear why one needs to create an org just to share some passwords to a family member. Maybe there’s some work needed on the UX side to make this more intuitive.

  • Have a dialogue box to upgrade to a Family Account on the my account page. Maybe combine this with the Go Premium dialogue box as the features are the same.
  • When someone upgrades to a family account, create a default family org for family accounts so that users are not confused as to why does one need to create an org for a family account.

For more information, have a look into Organisation or collection?

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