Organisation or collection?

I want to share certain logins in my family only with certain users. I.e my company logins should only be available to me, whilst onlineshops should be available to everyone.
Do I do that via an organisation or via a collection?
I assume I need to setup separate users, which paid plan do I need for that - Premium or Family?

Hi there!
To share you will need an organization. Family will allow sharing.
Within your Family Organization you can set up Collections with user access by collection to segment sharing.
Premium features add functionality to your personal vault, or with a Family plan you can add premium for everyone if you choose.

Thanks Gary

Let me explain what I have and what I want to have.
I have all entries currently in main (admin) vault.
Looking at bitwarden videos, I have created a collection called webshops and an org for my wife (more family orgs will follow)
I would like to have all webshop entries in the webshops collections, so it can be shared with every family member.
Plus I will create a collection bank accounts that will only be shared with my wife.
In addition, my understanding is that organzations (in my case family members) can benefit from shared collections and in parallel create their own entries that remain private to them.

Please correct me if above is wrong or if you have a different proposal.

All the entries I have currently in my main vault (they were imported before I started to have collections) have no option to transfer them to a collection, once I click on the small gear. The transfer to collections is only possible with entries that I created in a family member organization.

I can still create new entries in my main vault outside the collections - with no option to move them in a collection.
However, when I create a new entry in a family member org, I need to assign it to a collection - no option to create it without assigning it to a collectin. I can assign the new entry in the webshop collection which will be shared with everyone, but how to keep to private for the user? I have created a new collection for the family member Wife, but it always has me as a “super user”. This means it is shared back with me. Can that be avoided if the family member sets up his own collection (so I am not a user of that collection)?

Thanks, ueffchen

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I’m interested in this how-to, too.

Actually I’m using my Bitwarden account together with my wife. But I like to have only some of my credentials shared with a separate account for my wife and the rest should stay my own credentials. I didn’t have the time to read through all the FAQs and How-Tos to manage this. It would be great if someone could explain this to me. What do I have to do to manage this? :confused:

Hi, I may or may not have followed everything, but be sure to pay attention to when you are in your personal vault, compared to your family organization vault. Here is a view of my personal vault (using the web vault)

here is my Organization vault (GO Organization)

You should be able to transfer items from your personal vault to your organization vault via the Settings button and share. Here’s what shows up for me

Maybe you could share an anonymized screenshot if you have a different experience.

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I think I got it.
Took me some time to understand that my initial account doesn’t have my family plan. I needed to create the organization family and then open the settings.
My initial account was pre-set as the first user.
Next I created the additional accounts and collections, where some of them are assigned to all users, some are only to selected ones.
The pictures shows how I assume it works…will see.

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