Questions about Pricing


I have a questions about pricing.

I know that Bitwarden Premium costs $10.00 /year and gives me some features like

  • 1 GB of encrypted file storage
  • TOTP verification code (2FA)

Then you also offer Organizations where I can share my vault with others.
So when I want to share my vault with my family, this costs $1.00 /month

When I want to have Bitwarden Premium and also Sharing with my family do I have to pay both fees ($10.00 /year for Premium and $12.00 /year for sharing)?
So in total $22.00 /year?



That is my understanding.

But the premium feature is charged per user so if you want all your family to have the benefit of premium features then you will need to pay $10.00 for each of them.

Although, if you just want priority support and the secure file storage, it is sufficient to order the family plan. Premium plan just offers 2FA on top of that.

I was curious about this as well, so that means for a feature like TOTP or Yubikey/U2F you would not only need Premium Accounts for each user, but also Family/Business access as well? It really does seem to be a billing scheme that is not very easy to understand. In addition, if my understanding is correct, the price for Bitwarden is more expensive than Lastpass, if you want to use Yubikeys with a family of 5. Lastpass comes in at $48 a year, though it does include 6 people, and Bitwarden comes in at $62 a year.

Am I missing something?

Organizations (sharing) and premium are two different products. They can be bought individually or together. We have an article here that explains the differences:

Hello @kspearrin,

I have an additional question about pricing.

I am a private user of Bitwarden (not a company).
Currently I am using the free version because I am still testing Bitwarden.

To use Bitwarden properly I need Bitwarden Premium, because:

  • I want to use TOTP verification code (2FA) in my passwords
  • I want to attach some files to my passwords.

Bitwarden Premium costs $10 per year and per user.

I want my wife and my daughter to use Bitwarden too.
Because I have some passwords that I want to share with my wife (like shopping related passwords) and some passwords I want to share with my wife and my daughter (passwords related with school and learning).
So I need Bitwarden Families that costs $1 per month ($10 per year).

Both features cost $22.00 per year (I know and this is also fair).

Here comes my question:
If I have stored TOTP verification codes (2FA) in my passwords and want my wife and my daughter to use them too (like the Amazon Account, that is protected with 2FA or the School account, that is also protected with 2FA) do they both also need a Bitwarden Premium account?

If yes, then this would be:
$22.00 per year + $10.00 per year for my wife and + $10.00 per year for my daughter = $42.00 per year.

Or is 2FA included in the “Family + Premium” package?

Best regards



Hi @kspearrin
Pretty much same requirement for me as well.
I have LP families thats still valid, but with the current news of yet another company take over and the very fact BW is open source, I am considering to move to BW. But I can’t make out the plan that I need to work with. So far my calculation works out to:

$12 / year + $40 (as per blog post I found of last year) [unless updated] for the premium addon = $52 ? Which actually puts it over what I’m currently spending with LP. Is this correct ?

Just a suggestion if its $1/month for sharing for families shouldnt premium be $2 /month with a 5 or 6 user cap.

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I accidental (unfortunately there was no reply to this topic) saw that Bitwarden updated the prices:

Now the family plan for 6 members with all features costs 40 Dollar per year, the old pricing for 6 people was 70 Dollar per year.
@tgreer Thank you for making the pricing more transparent!


@tgreer I have an additional question about pricing:
I have an “old” Premium-Account (10,00 $ per year), this account did not include Family Sharing.
Now you have the Family account for $40/Year that offers family sharing.

Is there a way to update my account to a family account and to get a discount (the price I have already paid)?

Q: I am using a Families Plan–how do I upgrade to receive the new Premium Features?

A: Note that the Families Plan is $40/year for 6 users including Premium Features. If you want to upgrade to this plan, please contact the Bitwarden team.

@vachan Thank you for your answer, with my posting here I tried to contact @tgreer :stuck_out_tongue:
But maybe I should contact them directly.

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Apologies for the delay on this. Premium subscriptions and Family Organizations are indeed two separate items. When you sign up for a Family Organization, it’ll be billed at $40/year and you’ll want to make sure that your Premium subscription is ‘cancelled’ to prevent future billing.

I understand that they are both different subscriptions.

I have an “old” Premium-Account (10,00 $ per year) that is active until 27.12.2020.
I want NOW an family account that offers family sharing (costs $40/Year) to test this feature.
When I buy a family account NOW, then I have two months overlap and pay two months twice.

Is it possible (instead of a refund) to have the full “Family” account (that consts $40/Year) for 1 or 2 months?

I want to test with my wife and my daughter if family sharing works, so I need 2 collections (one collection “Wife” and one collection “daughter”).
So I can share one password (PW) with my wife, one PW with my daughter and 1 PW with both of them.
After I tested if Family sharing is suitable for my wife and my daughter I will buy the family account for $40/Year.

I also wrote this on the weekend to the website support, I don’t want to mess too many people.

Hi there,

I also have a question regarding pricing:

At the moment I’m on a premium plan + Family 2019 organization (12 USD/year).
As I understand it:

  • My premium account allows me to use features like Bitwarden Authenticator, file storage etc.
  • Premium options are also available within the family organization (sharing etc.)
  • All other members of that family organization do not have a premium subscription and therefore can’t use featurs like file storage etc. for there own passwords (not shared within the family organization)

Is that understanding correct?

Does the new family plan (3,33 USD / month) change something here? According to the Bitwarden page it reads “Paid Organizations (Families, Teams, or Enterprise) include premium features for all users enrolled in that Organization”. So this means with the “new” family plan I don’t need separate premium accounts anymore?

Thanks a lot in advance

Earlier premium plans were not bundled with the family plan. But now premium is bundled with the family plan and you don’t need separate premium accounts.

Upgrading from Classic 2019 to the current Families Organizations plan will increase your number of users from 5 to 6.

With the current plan, all 6 members of your Families Organization will automatically get all premium features, including advanced 2FA options, the Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP), encrypted file storage, and more.

We’ve reduced the price of a Families Organization to $40/year (compared to $52/year for a Families Organization and Premium Features for all users).

Families Organizations created after September 06, 2020 will always have Premium features included.

For more info, read

Thank you very much!