Bought premium and need family account. No way to just upgrade, and can't see premium support

I purchased a premium account, planning to help my family use BW as well. I made a mistake and just purchased a premium account rather than a family. There isn’t any way to
upgrade an account, and cancelling and doing it correctly isn’t the answer.

As the title says, I can’t find any obvious way to contact support and have them upgrade my account.

If anyone has a tip or suggestion, I’d really appreciate it.

EDIT: If a Bitwarden rep sees this post, can you just “upgrade” my account to Family? I’m cool with the upcharge.




Login to your web vault. On the right hand side, you should see a box labelled “Organisations”. Click “+ New Organisation” and choose “Family” as the new organisation type.



That got me what I needed. Thanks Dan, much appreciated!

You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

I know this post is six months old, but I have a follow-up question on the same scenario. My question: Does the remaining time on an individual premium subscription get applied towards the Families upgrade?

For example, if I upgrade from free to individual premium, evaluate for three months, then click New Organization and choose “Family” as Dan explained, will the remaining nine months of premium get applied towards Families annual subsciption price?

I realize the prorated amount would only be about $7.50 at that point, so I’m okay either way. Just wanted to be clear.

I enquired and was told that I would forfeit the remaining premium time.

A Premium Membership and a Families Organization are two different types of subscriptions. A Premium Membership is for an individual account, an Organization plan enables users to share items.

So no, the cost won’t be prorated because those are two different kinds of subscription, you are not upgrading it from Premium to Family, you have a premium subscription AND a family subscription.

The new family plan now is for up to 6 users, contains the premium features for all member and costs only 40 USD / year:



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Thanks for pointing this out, I wasn’t aware of the change. I wonder when it will be live? The post suggests from 01 September but the old pricing is still quoted when you try to sign up to a Family plan.

New plans should be out next week :metal:


In light of this info, I do not know what I (as an individual with no need for more than 1 user) should do about this: Sync only a subset of Items to a device

Please advise. Thank you in advance.