Unable to create account on self.hosted BW


Just my 2 cents, I recently installed BW on my Windows machine with Docker and it went perfectly. Other than an issue getting the email confirmation (which was probably due to my email provider and has been solved), all went well and it works fine.
One thing I had to do is make sure the vEthernet interfaces Docker creates were set to “Home” and allowed in my BitDefender firewall.
I’d like to set it up on a Linux server but the only one I have access to doesn’t give me root - is it at all possible to install without root access?


I’m getting this action too and can’t figure out how to move past it.

I don’t expect support from this outfit but I do have a serious question: why docker? Why an additional layer of complexity surrounding a project with scope as important as this?

The self-hosted option is what almost convinced me to switch from LP after damn near a decade. You’ve got some work to do…stop trying to be fancy.