Unable to create account on bitwarden self hosted

I just installed the Bitwarden on ubuntu vm and I’m able to access the start page. Next I want to create a new user and get the details page, but when hitting the create button it wont work no update on page

Hello @Sri_Ram and welcome to the community,

Could you provide a bit further detail on how you installed Bitwarden? Did you use the standard installer or did you install the new Unified beta on your Ubuntu VM?

Do you get any errors when trying to select Create account in your web-vault, or could you possibly try to go directly to https://bitwarden.yourdomain.tld/#/register and see if you get the account registration page to create a new user?

standard install

Can you verify all containers started correctly with docker ps and see what that shows?
Are you using any reverse proxy by chance?

can you help me

Hey sorry for the delay gets busy, just getting back online here.

I see from your screenshot that your containers are all showing (health: starting) does this ever go from this to (healthy), or perhaps the screenshot was just taken shortly after running ./bitwarden.sh start

Did you perhaps change anything in the config.yml file? If so you will need to run ./bitwarden.sh rebuild

Otherwise you may be better to contact Bitwarden’s official support channel for further assistance.

Could you help me? I have the same issue but I installed bit warden through a docker.