Uk nsandi login

Trying to set up login using following required info boxes:
NS&I Number
As a newbie i just cant seem to get it to work as the nsandi number ends up as my surname and the top box is never filled
Can anyone help please?
Also, I cant get the prize checker page login to work as all it needs is my Premium Bond number, but when I tap in the box I get no Bitwarden popup to help me enter it?

Should have said, using mac Big Sur and iPad ios14

I remember having issues with this site a while ago. Here’s how you fix it:

  • NS&I number: create a custom field named “j_userlogin_pwd” with the value set to your NS&I customer number.
  • Surname: create a custom field named “j_username_pwd” with the value set to your surname.
  • Password: add your password to the standard BW password field.

Everything should now autocomplete for you correctly.

Will give it a go and let you know…

Hi Dan
I have two text custom fields on ipad, but how do I add the values?

Hi Tony,

In the screenshot below, where it says “Name”, enter the custom field name, e.g. j_userlogin_pwd. Where it says “Value”, enter the appropriate value for that field, e.g. your NS&I customer number.



I had already set up the relevant custom field before I saw this thread and, by way of reassurance, can confirm that, following that, the login completes perfectly.