No password proposed for login in popup


when I open the config interface (for example for Shelly devices), a Popup is shown to enter Username and Password. I think this is basic authentication.

See Screenshot:

There is no proposal for the password and when I press on the key symbol and login to Bitwarden, I get a list of all cards - not only for this server or domain.

All of my items in Bitwarden have the right URI with the option “Starts with”.

I have this issue only on my iPad and iPhone.
In Safari on my Mac it proposes me exactly the one matching password.

Any ideas what could be the issue?

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Have you tried [control]+[shift]+[L] ?

Hello RichardAxe,

where is the [control] key on the iPad?

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In the Apple desktops is the Apple.
Unfortunately I do not know on the iPad.

I added these 2 fields and filled the first one with username and the second with the password.

But nothing changed.

When opening the website there is no proposal.
When I click on the key symbol, Bitwarden shows me all passwords and not only the one wich matches.

Or do I have to take other names for the custom fields? Who can I determine which name of the fields is needed?

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