U2F not available after New firefox install/profile

Something bad happened to firefox so I wiped it and re-installed it and also had to reset the profile as well. Now when I try to log in bitwarden (web vault and extension), it prompts for my OTP key, and U2F isn’t available in alternative methods neither.

After I logged in I go into my settings->Two-step login and I still see a checkmark on U2F.

Is there a way to bring U2F back to my browser?


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I believe that you have to enable some flag in Firefox’s config profile somewhere.

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Thank you so much! It’s been a long time so I completely forgotten about it!

Ugh, don’t understand why this isn’t enabled by default.

Could you please tell what’s flag is to edit in the latest version of Firefox?

Open settings from the URL field with:


And search for u2f. There’s only one setiing and ir’s disabled by default.



Thank you both! Marvin_S and Gergor