Cannot enable biometrics in Firefox after upgrading to 2023.2.1 (solved)

OS: Windows 11 22H2
Browser: Firefox 110.0

Extension: 2023.2.1
Desktop: 2023.2.1

I cannot enable biometric login with the recently upgraded firefox extension. Keeps returning “Browser integration is not setup”.


  1. Allow browser integration box is checked
  2. Require verification for browser integration box is checked


  1. Extension is not set to run in private windows
  2. Extension is set to exchange messages with programs other than Firefox

I’m an idiot sometimes…

I fixed the issue by following the instructions here:

However I missed one small but very important step: I forgot to remove the quotation marks when entering the default value for the com.8bit.bitwarden key. As soon as I removed the quotation marks from the key value data, the biometric worked just fine!

Hello, Im having the same issue with Firefox Dev Edition here Can't enable browser extension biometrics - #284 by freddie41