TOTP for 2 users sharing plan

Hi all,

Not sure whether this is a correct group to answer.

I am a premium member and love paying BitWarden for the software; the thing is, I’d like to share my password with my partner. Most of my accounts have TOTP enabled.

I understand that TOTP only works with premium account.

If I subscribe my partner to be a premium member, will I be able to share my password?
OR this can only be done through “Family Organization” (which is rather too expensive for the two of us)?


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Hello @teve ! Welcome to the forums.

I’m going to post the pricing info for review (for everyone, not just you):

So it looks like you could create a Free Org account for “you and a friend or partner”. However, and I know you said it is “rather too expensive”, you may consider supporting the fine folks at Bitwarden with a Family Account. It’s only $38 a year, roughly. Hardly an earth-shattering amount to any individual, given that our phones alone usually run into the $100s.

Please consider the Family account. The folks at BW are actual breathing human beings, and have to be thrown food scraps from time to time, to keep them going. Thanks for choosing BW!

(btw I don’t work for BW, just a fan)(huge)


Hi @teve - welcome!

Another option is for you and your wife to use Premium individual subscriptions to Bitwarden, and then activate a Free Organization to share passwords. Free Organization are limited to two people and only two Collections, but it sounds like this may suit your needs. Cheers!


Thanks, this looks like the most sensible approach for us now

One item to note - items in the “Free” organization will have “Free” features, so TOTP codes won’t be generated if they are shared. A Family organization would be needed for that functionality,


Important distinction, @tgreer - thanks for the correction. Sorry for the inaccurate suggestion @teve.


Very good to know, I would imagine the items in the free Org could be copied to the premium Personal Vault and have TOTP enabled as the TOTP seed is still shared within the free Org, but this defeats the purpose of having items shared as they would no longer stay in sync in the event of a password change etc.

But this is good to know this, as a note I would have expected @dh024’s answer to work being that Org items also show within the personal vault.
Though I imagine it is the difference in where those items are actually stored and who “owns” that entry.

Thanks everyone, I just joined the family organization now.

I suspect, I just need to let my current individual premium account to lapse and be part of the ‘family organization’ to reap the benefit of TOTP?

Update: all good, I saw the KB and have cancelled my individual premium account