Top panel does not respond in Android

The top panel of the Bitwarden Android app is completely non-responsive on my device. It means that I can’t even perform a basic search, and if I need to access some password, I have to scroll down through my logins.
Notice that the whole top panel does not respond, even on other screens - for example, if I press the “Login” button, on the new screen the “Go back” button does not respond.

I’m using Xiaomi Pocophone F1, with Android 10 (build: QKQ1.190828.002). The app build version is 2023.5.0 (6330).

Has anyone encountered this issue?

I opened an issue on GitHub, but was referred here to get help.
thanks in advance

Hey there, can you confirm if a reinstall resolves the issue?

I removed the app and re-installed it. the problem still exists