App do not start after installng

After installing the bitwarden app on my smartphone samsung a7, android 10, it starts with this page, nothing is possible

All other apps are working correctly.
What is wrong.

Restart. If after that it is still the same switch the network (WiFi vs. mobile).

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As Peter_H said, restart the phone.
You can also try reinstalling the app.
The Bitwarden mobile app does support landscape view ,don’t know why this is happening. Does the app work in portrait mode?

Thanks for the answer.
I did it all before, starting my phone again, instal again, switching wifi to mobile.
The landscape view was only for the picture. In portret mode it also did not work.
I read seven day’s ago by Marc it is possible the update of samsung


But that update was about Android 11. You wrote that your phone is running on Android 10.

Hallo Peter.
Very keen.
Indeed I have android 10, but the day before installing bitwarden I got a big (security)update of samsung.
I do not know what else is the cause. I think something(Samsung) blocks it.
Al other app’s are working perfect.

Well, I guess that in that case this hopefully will be solved with the update that according to wizard Marc will perhaps arrive this month.

Bitwarden does not start correct on my smartphone, see below.
It stops on the second page: [image] Nothing is possible.
I installed it again, I waited till the new update but nothing helped. I stopped Eset.
All other apps are working correct, also starting Last Pass.
I like to go further with Bitwarden while it works already correct on my laptop.
What can be the problem?
hans d
(Samsung A7, Android 10)

Sorry, but I am out of ideas. How about if you contact the Bitwarden support ?
Please tell us about their answer.

Bitwarden support d’ not answer after 3 days.
I am disappointed.

Give them some time. The same way this forum was “flooded” by former Lastpass users of another password manager the same way the support probably suffers.
By the way: Premium users get Priority Support.