Sync Android mobile device to BW on windows PC

Good morning all,
I have done a brief search but cannot find the answer. Appologies if this has allready been answered elsewhere.
I was using Avast Password but they pulled support on that sometime ago. The reviews on Bitwarden are good so i thought i’d give it a try. So exported it as a .json created an account on the windows pc and imported the .json file. All good password all available.
So how do i set this up on my mobile device so that they are both in synch?
I downloaded and installed the Android app on the mobile and assume that you log into the desktop account? I can see options to synch but cant get this to work.

I assume that you use the same credentials for both the desktop and the mobile version.
The synchronization should work automatically without you having to do anything.

I would log into the vault at and check if my passwords are available.
If they are the connection between the desktop computer and the vault is ok and you have a problem with the Android app. In that case try a different network (WiFi vs. mobile).

If the passwords are NOT available in the vault the problem is with the connection from the desktop to the vault. If you use a proxy and / or a VPN connection I would recommend to try without.

Hi Peter,
Thankyou Issue now resolved.

Please let us know how you solved the issue so that others might be helped too.

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