Vault not syncing to iphone

No matter what I do, I can’t get bitwarden to sync from my desktop (where I use it 99% of the time) to my iphone (where I need it when I’m out of town).

  • I’ve tried logging into the iphone app using my bitwarden username/password and, every time, it says login failed.

  • I tried creating the account via the iphone app using the SAME username/password as I use on my desktop app… but the vault is empty and, when I try to manually syn it, it says sync complete but not one item is transferred in from the desktop vault.

Help Please! What am I doing wrong? I need to get this working ASAP.

Hey there, it sounds like you have created a 2nd account instead of logging in to the same account that has the credentials you are trying to sync.

With Bitwarden, you just need 1 account and all of the clients + web vault can access that information. Do you still have the email + master password you used to create the original account?

Yes. I tried logging in on my phone using the same username/password combo I use on my computer but it kept telling me that info was incorrect. Then I tried creating an account on my phone using the same username/password combo I use on my computer and it allowed me to create that account instead of telling me the username was already taken. Neither way allows me to access my vault via my phone. :frowning_face:

Any suggestions?

How do you access your account on the web? Is it at or possibly another site address that may be self-hosted from your company.

If it is the latter, and you typically go on the web to something like then you may need to first connect your apps to your company’s account by following Connect Clients to your Instance | Bitwarden Help Center

I’ve been accessing from and not from a custom url. (BTW I really appreciate you taking the time to help me)

I’m wondering if it would just be easier to export everything from my vault, then create a new account I can use on both my computer and phone and import my data back in. Any thoughts on that?

You could do that but you may lose some things such as password history, and attachments that would not come over in a backup for export/import.

Truly the same email and account should work across any client, the mobile app or the web. So it’s very odd what you are experiencing.
If you haven’t already I would recommend reaching out to contact the Bitwarden support team regarding your account issue.

Thanks Kent, I’ll reach out to the Bitwarden support team. Good advice!