Vault doesn't sync from PC to Android phone or Mac

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Access via vault Autofill from computers (Mac, Android) other than the Windows PC on which I changed passwords fails. It appears that the vault didn’t sync, so I’m locked out of those sites/apps from the other machines. Looking at the Vault on the Mac, it appears to still have the old values, which are no longer correct for the sites for which I had Bitwarden create new passwords.

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I’m not seeing this issue. I have just updated a Note in the PC App and it immediately appeared in my Android app. Does this match the scenario that you are describing?

Yes, it does match.

@josephzit My Windows PC desktop app is version 2023.1.1 and my Android app version is 2022.11.0. Does that match your version numbers?

I’m using the Web app on the Windows box.

I’m exchanging emails with Bitwarden support now – and in checking further, I see that changing passwords on sites using auto-generated values didn’t even save them on the local machine. Either something is broken, or the interface isn’t showing some other step that might be needed so that Bitwarden actually remembers what it did.