Suddenly missing account credentials

I unfortunately had the exact same issue happen to me yesterday. Several of my account credentials, for accounts that I use frequently, just disappeared from my bitwarden account completely. poof I unfortunately didn’t realize what was happening before my phone synced, so I lost all of them and spent some time yesterday and will have to spend time today going through the recovery process for several of these accounts.

My wife and I share our passwords in our 2 person organization with a free account, so I talked to her if she by chance deleted them on accident, but she indicated that she did not, nor do I have any reason to believe that she would delete several of my account credentials and hers for accounts that we both use frequently. I searched in our organization and in my own personal vault to make sure they just didn’t get accidentally moved, but no, they are gone.

Despite the reassuring message that Bitwarden doesn’t delete any account credential information, the fact remains that I lost account information and my neither my wife, nor I deleted/removed it.

We have really enjoyed using Bitwarden up to this point, but if our account information is going to disappear like that then maybe it’s time to find another solution.

Hey there, have you tried this solution? If your passwords are in a shared organization, but not in a collection, the view for them has moved.

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I moved your post into its own thread, because the title of the topic where you had originally posted contained details not relevant to your situation (specifically: “…no response from support”).

Same issue here!

Edit: Resolved with the admin view instructions that support sent me.

Thank you for the reply! I thought that I was very diligent about ensuring that all my shared passwords with my organization were assigned to some kind of collection, but upon your suggestion I went and looked in my unassigned collection folder in the admin console and was shocked to see how many passwords I had that were unassigned, including the ones that I noticed had gone missing yesterday.

I have assigned them to an organization now. Thank you for your help!

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I moved your comment into this thread.

The solution to your problem is above.

Thank you. As I am new to the forum, I didn’t realize that I should have created my own discussion about my issue. Thank you for your patience and help.