Logins vanishing

My wife has seen logins vanish this week. So far 3 of her regularly used logins have simply vanished from Bitwarden in less than a week.

Others have seen this behavior in this one-year-old Reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitwarden/comments/c1n9lz/one_of_my_most_important_passwords_has_been/

Anyone know if this is a widespread issue, or if there’s a good fix? I’d rather not go back to LastPass.


I’m keeping an eye on reports with our Customer Success team - thank you for the report!

Can you send any details to customer success at https://bitwarden.com/contact ?

What a ridiculous name:-)

Customer success is our success :sunglasses:


Any update on this? I have not experienced it personally (knock on wood), but as someone who is looking to switch to Bitwarden completely, these reports do concern me. Thanks!

Shared passwords become invisible when a paid account expires. In our case a merchant got hacked, so our debit card number had been changed by our bank; so the bitwarden auto-renewal couldn’t go through. Once we figured-out what had happened, and got a new debit card number into the system, customer support was able to make the shared passwords re-appear. In the end it was no big deal, but the fact that someone from customer support had to manually make those passwords reappear (rather than it being automatic) once the payment confusion was fixed, is a bit troublesome. As was the fact that the user who had shared the password couldn’t see them in her own account until customer service manually made them visible again.


Ah, thank you! That’s good to know, in the event that my payment information ever has to change. I can stop worrying. They should create a help document about this (or better yet, change how this aspect of Bitwarden functions!)

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Great point!

@LanceHaverkamp thank you for posting the solution, the Customer Success team here is second to none!

@wj394 - I’ve added this as a to-do item for the help site. We should be absolutely clear about what happens when an organization is disabled. And, we are working on improving notifications for failed billing so that way disabled orgs are as few and far between as possible :+1: