Missing passwords? New views for passwords and the new Admin Console

Please note that this may also be known as Many passwords are missing from my vault!

With recent migrations to a new permissions structure, items stored in the Unassigned collection within your Organization will no longer be displayed in your All Vaults view.

You will need to move these items to a Collection where you have assigned view access, so they are displayed in your All Vaults view.

To achieve this, please open https://vault.bitwarden.com then click the App Launcher (𓃑) icon in the top right corner, then open Admin Console.

From here, navigate to the Collections tab in the left-most column, then open the Unassigned collection. You can use the select-all button next to All, then click the 3 dots next to one of the selected items. Click on Collections, then choose a Collection you wish to assign those items to.

Once they’ve been moved to a Collection you have the appropriate permissions to view, switch back to the All Vaults view once more, and you should see your items displayed as expected.

If you can’t see those items in your All Vaults view, double check which permissions you have to view the Collection you moved those items to.

Permissions: User Types and Access Control | Bitwarden Help Center


To make this announcement more visible to those who really need to see it, you might consider changing the title to: “Missing passwords? New views for passwords and new Admin Console” (or something similar).


As others have said in the linked post, this was a terrible rollout for this update. It immediately affected the core functionality of the app without warning, and had the appearance of a critical data loss or compromise.

I agree with the above as well. Update the title of this post to be more practically useful. People will be searching for missing passwords, not “views” or “Admin Console” or other jargon.


thanks @grb adjusted the title


Well,Gary, Congrats to you and the Bitwarden team. All of you have managed to make my life and that of thousands of others HELL!!!

Let me guess? The team devs are younger whipper snappers that lack long term life skills and don’t understand rudimentary rules of public and customer relations that COMMUNICATION is the most IMPORTANT skill to keep these stakeholders happy, will minimize their chances of contacting the company for help meaning it will save the company tens, hundreds, maybe thousands of hours of tech support time. PLEASE PLEASE…the leadership of this company need to train ALL of their people that communicating to stakeholders means…doing it IN ADVANCE, and WELL in advance of a rollout, not after the fact as has been done here.

Gary, I’ve spent 11 hours today trying to recover my passwords. I had to cancel two important meetings because in both cases the passwords for the virtual meeting venues was in my Bitwarden account and virtually all my passwords disappered. Had I been given a heads up on all this a few weeks ago, I could have prepared for it and not gone through all the BS today.

This poorly planned rollout has brought disrepute to the entire company. It’s no better than the previous password manager that I used and liked where the company sold out to a competitor and a few months later that new company made numerous changes without warning all in an effort to force users to buy upgrades. They barred any “free” users from getting to their passwords and gave no warning. I lots countless hours of work in that debacle.

This is now twice it’s happened to me and will not happen again. Beginning tomorrow I am systematically migrating my workflow back to one that, although not efficient, WORKED! EVERY ONE of my 150+ online resources will have the same password. I will write URLs and logins into a spreadsheet and keep it up to date. Again, not efficient but it works for me. I really don’t want to go back there but I did it for years and didn’t have to worry about someone else being in control of my valuable passwords.

So, thank you to everyone at Bitwarden. In about two to three months I will be off your system forever.

In conclusion, PASSWORDS SUCK! I can’t wait for the new credential technology to become mainstream.

PS Can anyone at Bitwarden answer the following question? The website has in more than one place that a good reason to use Bitwarden is that it saves time, places the user in control, and ensures productivity. The question is: How does it do these things if I had to spend 11 hours trying to find my passwords and it did this to many others? How did this make my day productive especially given that I had to cancel two meetings? How did it save me time? How is it that my passwords are in MY control with Bitwarden? Frankly, I don’t think anyone at Bitwarden could honestly answer these questions.

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One other quick suggestion: Train the devs what the “KISS” rule is. Obviously they don’t know. Bitwarden has: Vaults, Logins, organizations, folders and now collections. If that is not confusing, I don’t know what is. This is another reason I’m leaving Bitwarden behind. I’ve used it for a few years and it keeps getting more complex. All I want is storage of resources and login credentials and to be able to sync across devices. Having all this other stuff has just muddied the waters. I don’t care about folders, organizations, collections, etc,… Keep it Simple and I just might pay for it because it does work. I simply don’t need the hastles of complexity and lack of communications from the company.

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@wda, welcome to the community and sorry to hear that it was due to a stressful event.

This harms noone but yourself. Since you plan to manage URLs and usernames on a spreadsheet, perhaps add another column to contain the unique password. Bitwarden does have an export to CSV that you likely could use to migrate out in a matter of minutes instead of investing “months” of effort.

Do keep in mind that even a spreadsheet can fail due to corruption, accidentally “cutting” instead of “copying”, etc. You might consider occasionally making a backup copy onto a USB drive that you store offline and in a secure location.

Then, if it fails just before a future meeting, the backup may help salvage the meeting.

KISS a good concept (and band :slight_smile:). Despite the fact that organizations exist does not mean that one has to use them. Because I am an individual, I keep everything in my personal vault and was not impacted by this change.

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@WDA If you get a response from Bitwarden, I am sure that it will be appropriately apologetic and empathetic to your woes. Not being affiliated with Bitwarden myself, I will offer a more blunt response to the following statement:

Let me guess — your IT team consists of younger whipper snappers that lack knowledge of rudimentary practices such as backing up mission-critical data… :roll_eyes:

Hopefully they know more about malware defenses than they do about data management, because spreadsheets do not offer meaningful protection.

And you’re also going back to using re-used passwords? I sincerely hope that you get back to your senses after you calm down.

Hi @WDA Thank you for this feedback and joining the forums to post it. Should you continue to use Bitwarden, in addition to this forum, I hope you will also lean on the Bitwarden support team should you ever encounter another situation.

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I’m missing passwords after this rollout. However, there is no “unassigned” collection under my collections tab in the web view.

I’m missing at at least 10-20 passwords that I know about. How can I recover these?

@dhruv Welcome to the forum!

After logging in to the Web Vault app (e.g., vault.bitwarden.com), did you click the App Launcher (𓃑) icon in the top right corner, then open the Admin Console?


Thanks, that fixed it. I was looking at the Vault (not on Admin console).