All saved login has been disappeared| password. manager

Hello strong texteveryone.
All saved login has disappeared in my account. I contact Customer Service) four time
They tell me I have to get invited by organisation I add organisation but I still waiting in my username and password. Please help. I save new username and password in my account. I still waiting the rest. Thank you in advance

Hey @Omerani

Have you saved the passwords that have disappeared in your account or in the organization? Also, please clarify what exactly you mean with this sentence (or post the answer they gave you):

That’s how I understood your post:

  • You are in an organization where your passwords were saved
  • Now you can’t see these passwords anymore
  • You contacted Bitwarden Support

Please correct me if that’s now what you meant.

I have no idea about organisation. All the times I save all my username and password in my account.
In one night, everything gone

I suggest you to contact the Bitwarden Support.

Have a nice day!