Some way to move the auto fil rectangle that pops up for sign?

On my android phone, the auto fil rectangle pops up right on top of the user name or password entry rectangles to sign in. It is very annoying not being able to see the user name or password area.

If I scroll the screen up or down, the auto fil rectangle moves with it, still covering it up.

Very annoying. Is there a setting or someway that I can move that auto fil rectangle (such as a long press and drag - - doesn’t work) out of the way so it is easy so I can read what’s under it?

Also, sometimes I have two blocks that pop up to sign in: 1) the Bit Warden auto fil block and a second one, 2) the actual name of the app. If I click on the second link it auto fills in the info for the user name and password (no security measures), if I click on the Bit Warden auto fil, then it takes me to the vault to click on the app in the vault, which is what I want.

(not sure if I explained it properly). What can I do to eliminate the non wanted pop up? Is that something in Bit Warden settings or the individual app that causes that?

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That is exactly how it is intended to work - if you have credentials saved for the website you’re on, then you get the popup so you can fill in your login details by clicking on the account name. You only have to go into Bitwarden if no match is found for the site you’re on.

The security measures are there - if you’re signed into Bitwarden and it isn’t locked, then it enters the login details. It won’t do that if you’re not signed in or your vault is locked.

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Well, I’m not sure. I was directed to this site via your answer and notification thru my email. I had not signed in to this site, yet. When I clicked onto the Bit Warden pop up, it took me to my Bit Warden vault. To get into the vault, I had to, either put in my pin to open it up, or use the fingerprint (which I use) to get into the vault, then click onto the app, which puts in my name and password in the correct app sign in field. This is the way, I thought it should work.

The other way bypasses the vault security measures. Anyone can just click on the pop up and get into the app (it by passes the security vault). So, if someone has my phone, they can get into my app and info in it?

I’m new to using this app, although I’ve had Bit Warden quite a while. I’m just kind of learning to use it. I just bought me a new laptop computer last week (have been without a computer for a couple of years) and am trying to get Bit Warden installed and working correctly in it and synced with my phone.

Thx, for your help.

It doesn’t bypass security, it’ll just let you in straight away if you are signed into your vault and it is unlocked. If your vault is locked, it won’t automatically fill in your details.

You can change the lock settings in the app. Settings > Vault Timeout > Immediately will make it work the way you want.

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I’m also very interested in ways to move the auto-fill box. In Norway we have a mobile based authentication system for anything government or bank related. There is a screen that pops up where you fill in your pin. However, the Bitwarden popup almost covers the OK button. On most phones there is a sliver of it left where you can click, but on some phones it’s completely covered. Being able to move the auto-fill popup would be really helpful.


I am also interested in this! My wife hates this program so badly because of this exact issue that I was forced to delete it from her phone. SURELY there is a way to tell bitwarden to get the hell out of the way so you can hit the sign in button or fill in the password field or for whatever reason we want! How frustrating! Any ideas??

I desperately want this as well. I can’t get the auto-fill pop up to move out of the way or dismiss it if it is not wanted. There are fields (not just login fields) in several apps I use and several websites using Google Chrome browser on my Android Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone that I can’t type the necessary/required information because the auto-fill pop-up hovers over the place (box/field) that I need to be typing info into. Like for instance, an app I was trying to add an additional gift card number into…the numbers of the keyboard that come up requiring me to type my card number into won’t let me type the 4, 5 or 6 because the pop-up hovers over those number keys. (See my screenshot attached.) Very frustrating. I usually have to put the smart phone down and go to a computer to do the necessary things needed.

Hi Gimpy,

I was concerned about that as well. I have another app on my phone called Sophos Intercept X for Mobile. This app is a password vault as well but I don’t use it for that. Maybe there are other apps that do what I’m about to describe. I like it that Sophos protects apps on my phone that I don’t want others to be able to unlock in case my phone gets stolen out of my hands while I have it unlocked or I leave it laying around unlocked and it gets picked up. I have some apps that I don’t care about if they get opened and used but others such as banking and credit cards and other apps that have bank accounts or credit cards stored on those apps that I don’t want someone to be able to open and access that sensitive informaton. So, I protect those sensitive apps. Bitwarden is one of the apps I have protected so no one can login to it without my fingerprints or biometrics preferences I have set on my phone. After opening the Sophos app, click on the menu in the upper left hand corner. Then click on App Protection. Now you will see a list of apps installed on your phone. Toggle to ON (to enable) the apps you want protected. This will require a fingerprint, or other biometrics you have set on your phone, for the user to be able to open when clicked on. Revisit this App Protection list in the future as you add more apps to your phone that you want to protect.


Hi Espen. I have the same problem using Bitwarden on Android (with Opera in my case) and the BankID app you are referring to. It is impossible to log into BankID since Autofill covers the OK button for the password.
Did you find out how to solve this?

I believe that pops up if you are using the Android Accessibility Service, rather than the Android Autofill Service.

Thanks Dan. Not sure how I check that or turn it off if possible. But will investigate.