Autofill banner covers the password filed

Bitwarden mobile app (android) auto fill banner covers the password field and there is no way to remove it so I can type and see my password.

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Is this behaviour just happening on a specific site? Can you try adding it to the excluded domains list?

Please see Facebook login sample. Same issue, BW covers the filed and no way to get rid of it. It needs to be positioned relatively or have a remove button.

If you use Inline Autofill services by Bitwarden, this won’t happen. Why are you using Accessibility overlays instead @migo33? Are you on a dated version of Android that does not support inline autofill?

I’m on the latest Android version. The accessibility option was turned on when I installed BW. I’ll disable it and see if it makes a difference.

In order for BW to open the vault and auto fill credentials it needs to be enabled in the accessibility setting. See screenshot and description.
There is no inline option except manually opening BW and copy/paste credentials.

Bitwarden app —> Settings —> Auto-fill Services

And no, you don’t need to use Accessibility services. I have that option shut off and it works much better with Android Auto-fill services.

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I turned the accessibility off and turned on the auto fill service but nothing happens. When I go to a login page nothing auto fills even when BW is open.
Not sure what’s going on.

Tap a login textbox to activate.

Sorry but nothing happens. I tried my bank and Facebook both are in BW.

Tried long press, short, click on the login button, look for something on the keyword. Nada.

Sorry - I have no idea what isn’t working. The only other thing I suggest is to go through Bitwarden’s instructions in detail to see if there is something incompatible with your phone or if you haven’t configured things correctly.

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No worries. I’m a product designer and front end developer and BW has some basic UI issues. I had a session with BW designer a few month ago and I think they will start putting some effort into the product UX. Free of low cost should not be an incentive.

Yeah, maybe. But everything has always ‘just worked’ for me. I guess to each their own.

I got the inline auto fill to work but it doesn’t always work straight away. In most cases I had to toggle between BW and the app/website until the credentials showed up on the keyword (inline).