[Solved] MacOS Safari Extension shortcut no longer working (1.25.0 from the App Store)

With the last release of Bitwarden I first lost the extension in total, but with help of the community I’ve been able to fix that.

Now I’ve a new problem, the way I used to fill the passwords no longer works. I was used to pressing “command” + “\” to fill in the user details. This shortcut key no longer seems to be working.

I’ve now found the experimental feature to do the auto filling. The shortcut key didn’t sound like an experimental feature. Does anyone know how to get the shortcut key to work again?

Edit a single \ between “” results in no character…

@DelGurth I’m having the same issues as you.
While I wasn’t able to get the CMD + \ shortcut to work…I’ve found that CMD + SHIFT + L works. (The shortcut for Firefox)

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@PPJ Thanks! That indeed works. In the past that one gave the Sidebar and I tested the list from the official documentation

To auto-fill login information, use the following default shortcuts:

  • On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • On macOS: Cmd + Shift + L
  • On Linux: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • Safari: Cmd + \ or Cmd + 8 or Cmd + Shift + P

None of the 3 listed for Safari work, guess they no longer worry about overwriting the Sidebar shortcut.