Safari: Keyboard Shortcut not Working

Hello, I have an intermittent problem with Safari 15 on MacOS 12. Most of the time I cannot get the Cmd + Shift + L to work with auto fill. Even if I restart Safari, the problem persists. Any known info for this?

Thanks in advance!

It could be that this keyboard shortcut combination has been mapped to something else.

You can check by opening System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → Services or App Shortcuts.

For example, under the Services dialog, Shift-Command-L was mapped to Search With Google on my MacBook, which I believe is a default system setting (just disable it). Check in the App Shortcuts dialog, also, in case there are any conflicting entries there. Alternatively, you can map a new shortcut for Bitwarden in the App Shortcuts dialog, if you like (e.g., Option-Command-L).

Hope that helps. Cheers!

Thank you

Looks like mine had the same “Search with Google” option set. I disabled it and had to reboot the system to get it working with Auto-fill again. I’ll have to see if it stays working. I know with Safari 15, Cmd + Shift + L is a default shortcut to open the sidebar too, so hopefully that isn’t conflicting.