Keyboard Shortcut (SHIFT+CMD+L) fails intermittently

The SHIFT+CMD+L keyboard has been failing over time since updating to Mac OS 12.3. Restarting Safari resolves the issue, but the shortcut will eventually stop working again.

MacOS: 12.3
Safari: Version 15.4 (17613.
Bitwarden (App Store version): 1.31.3
Bitwarden Extension: 1.56.5

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Is it possible that you have another program installed that is using the same keyboard shortcut?

I checked into this (by looking at the keyboard shortcuts established in System Preferences), and there is no other app using the same shortcut. I also run Keyboard Maestro but have no macros bound to this shortcut, either. If the issue was another app hijacking the shortcut, wouldn’t it fail 100% of the time? I’m only seeing failure over time - as mentioned, restarting Safari fixes the issue temporarily.

I’ve been using Bitwarden for about a year, and have had no previous issues with the keyboard shortcut until upgrading to Mac OS 12.3.

I suspect @danmullen is correct. Also, there was another user that had the same intermittent issue, which they were able to resolve - the culprit was Search with Google:

Probably not ‘Search with Google’ for me! Also, my issue is different than that other user as restarting Safari does fix the issue for me… temporarily.

I can confirm this problem, running the same version of Safari and macOS (with German localisation) on a recent MacBook Pro M1.

I can also confirm that it didn’t happen before macOS 12.3. I’m not using the same shortcut for other apps, Search with Google is disabled (although it doesn’t change anything if it is enabled). In fact, I didn’t change anything except for updating macOS recently, as well as Bitwarden.

Bitwarden: 1.32.1
Extension: 1.57.0

Since brijazz still uses older versions, it must be a problem with the macOS / Safari update.

I can reliably make the shortcut stop working by putting the MacBook to sleep and waking it up again. Restarting Safari brings the shortcut back.

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Yes, the same here, appeared after upgrading macOS to 12.3

Disabling/enabling Bitwarden extension fixes it for a short while.

When the autofilling with SHIFT+CMD+L fails, the ‘badge counter’ disappears as well.

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Can confirm that the badge counter disappears for me as well.

Yep same issue here… I think, in Safari, it conflicts with the “View Sidebar” shortcut. Wondering if that may be resulting in the intermittent failures.

I re-assigned the “View Sidebar” shortcut and restarted Safari but no luck - the issue persists.

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Hm how did you reassign? I didn’t know you could change stock keyboard shortcuts in Safari

This is very strange - I cannot replicate this issue, even if I try everything people have done above. And I believe I am running the same versions of all the software:

Mac OS: Monterey 12.3
Safari: 15.4
Bitwarden: 1.32.1
Extension: 1.57.0

Yes, I’m on exactly those versions of all and am able to reproduce the issue. I’m on an M1 MacBook Air - user @accolon mentions they’re on an M1 machine as well. Are you on an Intel machine? Possibly an M1 vs Intel issue?

I’m also on M1. Side note: are you self-hosting BW or using the official repository?

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Official repository. Running the App Store version of BW.

I am on Intel, using the official BW repository. So maybe you are right, @wiffle - it could be specific to the M1 macbooks.

I borrowed an older Intel-based MBP from work and could NOT reproduce the issue there during the last two days. Safari, macOS and BW (from App Store) are the same versions on both machines.

If you need any logs or further information, I’m glad to help. Neither the macOS logs nor the infos available in Safari’s developer mode seem to show anything of interest, though.

(Btw, I can confirm the missing badge counter on the M1 MBP as well.)

Not sure if it is a Safari only problem, but Bitwarden mentions here that Safari (as well as Edge) doesn’t yet allow users to set extension-specific keyboard shortcuts. However, it functions in Chrome and Firefox.

Edit: I am using and Intel-based MacBook, which may be why I don’t experience the problem or am unable to recreate it.

Interesting, but SHIFT+CMD+L is not user-set, it’s built-in to Bitwarden - I would assume that devs can assign keyboard shortcuts to extensions?