Safari extension autofill via shortcut needs to focus BW popup to work

Hi all,

Using the latest Safari extension under MacOS, passwords are not filled when hitting cmd+shift+l.
My vault is set to lock when closing the browser, and pin-based login is disabled.

When I attempt an autofill via the above-mentioned shortcut for the first time, the extension pops up a master password prompt. After entering the correct password, the username/password data is filled in correctly.

Subsequent attempts, however, seem to do nothing, unless I open BW via cmd+shift+y, and focus the popup via clicking on it. As soon as the popup gains focus, user/pass is filled in automatically.

In previous versions, the shortcut filled in passwords without having to focus the popup. Would it be possible to restore this behavior?



I’ve also started having this problem and it’s incredibly frustrating. It seems to only happen in Safari - the Chrome and Firefox extensions work fine.