Safari Extension shortcut

Hi there,

switched to Bitwarden from Enpass. With Enpass it was possible to set an individual shortcut for the autofill in the Safari Extension.

However with Bitwarden it looks as if this is not possible. When checking in the settings of the extension I am guided to the standard Apple page for custom application shortcuts. However this requires
a) to select the app
b) to name the menu item for which the shortcut is to be customized

I am missing the information for both, the app name and also the menu item for which the custom shortcut has to be set.

Any hints ?


Cmd-Shift-L works? It is the ‘included’ shortcut for autofill, no configuration needed. Are you seeking a unique key combination as an alternative to that standard one?

Yes, Cmd-Shift-L works. However I am used to Option+left cursor.

So I wanted to configure option-left cursor as an alternative shortcut.

I was afraid of that :slight_smile:
While I make some pretence of knowing a bit about Macs, I am not aware of an OS-settings level way of achieving your desired key mapping. If no-one else chimes in and your searches come up empty, then your assigned cellmate may be Cmd-Shift-L. The more drastic alternative is a keyboard remapper like Karabiner Elements (not tested by me)

Hi @Br4thering, welcome to community! :wave:

At this time, Safari does not allow customization of shortcuts, however, it may be helpful to take a look at these options for Chromium and Firefox browsers Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help Center

I hope this helps!