⌨ Shortcut dont work: Cause Bitwarden


Somes key dont working on Chrome / Safari …

After several research the cause is Bitwarden !

Exemple for Safari Command + Maj + L for open Reading List,

What do you think about enable / desable checkbox for shortcut ?

There is no need for introducing such a checkbox in the Bitwarden UI, as keyboard shortcuts can be managed in the browser or system settings. For example, please refer to the following two links for managing shortcuts on macOS:


Ho thanks a lot i go see that :pray:

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I’ve just looked, but there’s no sign of any conflicting shortcuts…

Yet it doesn’t work :confused:

I’ve searched every sub-menu in the keyboard shortcuts category, and I’m out!

Have you tried Safari on your own (if you have Apple, of course)?

Or if someone with MacOs can try the shortcut MAJ + Command + L with Bitwarden installed on Safari please :pray:

Try this method to change the shortcut assigned to the Safari Sidebar: