[Solved] Lost master password AND cannot delete account

Sorry for the bandwidth – I know this must be a common problem. Through unexpected circumstances and a couple of months not using Bitwarden, I lost track of my Bitwarden master password. I tried to take the advice in the documentation and just delete the account. HOWEVER I got an error message that I can’t delete the account because of an Organization being linked to the account (and only the account). I can’t figure out how to delete the Organization. I’m sure the Organization was created only for testing purposes and is not needed, and I can’t remember its name.

Can someone please help me? I really don’t want to create a second account with a different email address. Is there any way to get past this problem? — If you ask Bitwarden support in the right desperate tone of voice, can they do something? It seems unlikely that they really cannot delete an account with special problems.

Richard Dent
[email protected]

Definitely reach out to our friendly CS Team - they can work with you help figure out the best path to resolution :+1:

Thank you Trey Greer. The CS team did respond and delete the account. I can’t figure out how to mark the request as resolved.


No worries on the [solved] label. I’ll add it to the title, no need to change anything else :slight_smile: