Unable to login after organization creation

I moved from Lastpass and created an individual account, decided to give bitwarden a try starting with the free account. I had imported the passwords.

I then created an organization and invited my wife to join also moved my passwords to a new collection.

But soon after that it gave an error regarding a key sync, so i decided to log off and back on. But from then it is giving me incorrect master password error. I am sure of the password

Am confused and i am not able to delete the account as i am the owner of the organization.

Hey there, just to confirm, are you having difficulty logging into all Bitwarden clienst and web vault or just one in particular? Are you using the correct email associate with your Bitwarden account? Are there any accents or special characters in your password?

Check out this community resource: How To: Master Password Problems and Best Practices for some tips on this issue.

There is also a Help Center article on deleting an organization Delete an Account or Organization | Bitwarden Help & Support you may need to contact the support team at Get in Touch | Bitwarden