Smooth import needed

Importing from e.g. 1Password

Smooth import from other password managers, e.g. 1Password, urgently required.

Feature function

Currently the import can’t be called import. I exported 2000+ entries from 1Password (1pif) and tried to import them into Bitwarden. Standard items. Nothing special. Some have notes, most have TOTP. Not possible since Bitwarden limits Notes size to 10000 characters. Which ones? No idea. No info from Bitwarden, it just cancelled everything and did not import a single one.

I know that I could spend hours and edit the 1pif with some text editor but this is not a solution for me. I would already have to live with a lot less functions (compared to 1Password).

So my suggestions are

a) either don’t limit the Notes field to 10k characters OR import only the first 10k and then display on a separate page what exactly is missing.

b) Import TOTP so that it can be immediately used. At the moment one has to manually edit each entry. Manually editing may be fine for 20… 30. But thousands?

c) Possibility to set an import folder. Why? I can imagine some (a lot?) first want to play around with Bitwarden, have their 20… 30 items and later want to move the other hundreds to Bitwarden. Since some may be double, it could help to set a folder during import (of course drag and drop would be good as well).

(IMO an import is one of the most important things. Without a working import people won’t switch. And by working import I don’t mean 1P’s solution (created by third parties, scripts which require Python, etc.) … a one click import directly from the app, please :pray:)

Same priority for me. My Bitwarden renewal came up today but I cannot renew until there is a robust import from 1Password. For me, Secure Notes including attachments is essential.
Thank you.

This might be of help:

Thank you @Peter_H. It does have a basic import for 1Password data, however it doesn’t work consistently and needs development to get it to a state which would allow 1Password users to migrate without headaches…

But did you actually take a look at that link? It specifically mentions your problem:

Troubleshooting Import Errors

Ciphers[X].Login: The field yyyy exceeds the maximum encrypted value length of zzzz characters.

I did look at the link. I guess I’m hoping that at some point we’ll arrive to a place where a typical user wanting to migrate from 1Password to Bitwarden won’t be faced with wading through CSV files and unpicking accumulated errors and that the import will “just work”. It’s clear to me that the Bitwarden developers are talented enough to make this happen, it’s more a question of priorities and timeframes…
Thanks again @Peter_H.

I’m sorry to say it like this, but the current import process is truly garbage. If I specify the collection ID in my import file (bitwarden JSON), Why is a new collection created with the same name? Why are accounts duplicated?

Custom code development shouldn’t be a requirement to import account information.

Import inside a folder directly can be great. i have personal folder and work folder for all websites CMS logins. i needed to go one by one and put those in the right folder. took a lot of time and was annoying and consuming task.

I started out with Bitwarden, but I could see how people coming from other services would want this.

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