"Should Bitwarden remember this password for you?" prompt field too small in Firefox extension

When logging in to a new website for the first time, a small bar pops up at the top of the webpage for the "Should Bitwarden remember this password prompt, but the window is not sized correctly. I have to scroll way over and down to get to the “yes” button, see attached screenshot. I’m currently using Windows 11, though the issue was also present in Windows 10; and Firefox for Windows 94.0.1.

Is there a fix, or at least a workaround?

Do you happen to have the special anti-fingerprinting preference setting enabled in Firefox?

Doing so will intentionally report a randomized viewport width, which can lead to this sort of issue.

IIRC, the preference is privacy.resistFingerprinting in about:config.

I tried toggling privacy.resistFingerprinting set to both positions, issue persists.

@NeighratorPony This should be fixed in the next release: Fully responsive notificationBar by djsmith85 · Pull Request #2101 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

@bit Good point about the privacy.resistFingerPrinting setting. Didn’t know that it changed the viewport width. This could still be an issue if the setting is used, not sure if we can do much about it though.

Thanks. I don’t know how easily it is to detect if that setting is enabled. It might be possible to do something hacky like create several iframes with 100% width and see if their size varies, but I don’t think that would quite do it. I haven’t played around with it enough to think of what would be needed.

Probably, at the least, a note in the Bitwarden documentation would make sense. Also, checking that setting could be added to recommended troubleshooting steps.

A year on and I am still experiencing this bug, has there been any progress?

Hi @NeighratorPony,

could you please detail what you mean by still experiencing this bug? Is it the exact same as in your initial post?

The save new/change password prompt has seen several improvements in regard to responsiveness and sizing. One of them is mentioned in this thread and got released Nov/Dec 2021.

Which version of the extension are you currently on?
What browser and version is this happening on?
Any other settings that might be of interest? fingerprinting as mentioned earlier in this thread, zoom settings, Different font?
Does it happen on every site or just on some?

Please add the requested details and anything else you can think of to reproduce the issue. If it’s reproducible, you can open an issue on our Github repository.

Kind regards,

The bug is exactly the same as described in my original post.

I have just reproduced the bug on a completely clean installation of Windows 11 version 22H2, with a clean installation of Firefox version 105.0.3 64-bit, with the Bitwarden add-on version 2022.9.1, with no other add-ons installed. I have made no other changes to Firefox other than installing the Bitwarden add-on. The issue is present with privacy.resistFingerprinting flag set to either position. The issue is present with any zoom level. I have not altered the font settings. The issue is present on every website I have tested.

@NeighratorPony: Awesome, thank you for the quick and detailed response.

Could you please create an issue with all of your gathered details on our Github repo.

We use GitHub issues as a place to track bugs and other development related issues. This will then get passed on to the team for reproduction, priorization and hopefully we can provide a fix soon.

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